Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About US - The History of Gerdes Aviation

Gerdes Aviation Services
FAA Approved Repair Station G3RR399J


Gerdes Aviation Services began in 1992 at 240 N. Dale Place on the Fullerton Municipal Airport. At that time our Chief Inspector Brian Gerdes began working as an apprentice for the avionics shop Airadio Company. Under the supervision of the owner Michael Bennett, Brian was specifically trained to do 24 month Pitot/Static and Transponder tests.

While working at Airadio, Brian opened Gerdes Aviation Services, which operated a successful aircraft washing and detailing business on the field. Flight schools and private aircraft owners quickly signed up for our new services.

Two years later, Gerdes Aviation Services was approved by the FAA as a certified part 145 repair station and began leasing its own offices and equipment at the avionics shop. Eventually Airadio was sold by Mike Bennett to Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, who became Gerdes Aviation Services’ first contract account. 

As our customer base grew and word spread, we began receiving requests to service  surrounding airports. Soon we expanded and moved the repair station to hangar #25 in the AFI hangar complex on the southwest corner of Fullerton airport.

In 2001 Gerdes Aviation Services opened a pilot supply store across from the Fullerton Municipal Airport tower at 4119 W. Commonwealth Ave.

Over the years we enjoyed continual growth in the repair station and our service area expanded to over 25 airports in Southern California.

In 2007 we closed our pilot supply store at Fullerton Airport, at which time we focused exclusively on our testing services. Today we continue to serve 25 Southern California airports and are proud to still call Fullerton Municipal Airport our home.

Company Vision

Gerdes Aviation Services’ goal is to constantly improve our customer's Pitot/Static and Transponder testing experience and maintain our reputation as the #1 testing repair station in California.

Continual improvements to our equipment, training, and customer service have elevated our customer satisfaction ratings to levels unseen by our  competition. 

Our tag line "Most of Our Business Comes From Repeat Customers - Ask Around" has never been more true as we now enter our 22nd year of business. 

Gerdes Aviation 2.0

With our latest business campaign "Gerdes Aviation 2.0" our management team has set into motion a renewed commitment to our customer experience.

When fully implemented, the improved business plan will incorporate our largest capital investment ever into the latest testing equipment and support tooling.

We are expanding our Repair Station training program by increasing our training requirements which will include more than twice the hours required by the FAA.

Better customer service in the form of reduced call back times and quicker scheduling is already here and continues to be improved.

To showcase Gerdes Aviation 2.0 we have created a new website which will be a valuable source for information, scheduling, and networking for our customers.

Our Service Commitment

We enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry...

Constant training and attention to detail are the reason why we are able to obtain the highest levels of quality and safety for our customers. We understand the investment you have made into your aircraft and it will be treated with a great sense of urgency and appreciation while under our protective care.

Thank You

You are the reason we have been so successful over our 22 years in business. We would be honored to be an ongoing part of your flying experience through our Pitot/Static and Transponder testing services for years to come. We will never forget that " You " are the reason we continue to grow and thrive in the aviation industry. Again - Thank You for your continuing business!

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